Support Staff

Mrs. Arnold

Mrs. Arnold joined the Preschool Staff at Bayshore in 1987 as a 2 year old teacher and also taught PreK-4 until 2008.  She rejoined the staff in 2010 as a floating teacher and office assistant.  Prior to joining Bayshore, Mrs. Arnold worked with Mrs. Parker at West Hillsborough Baptist School.  She has a very calming effect on the children and they love to sit with her on the playground while waiting for their parents.  When asked why she chose a career in preschool education, her response was “because children are anxious to learn, they are very curious and they want to demonstrate back to you what they can do.  They are very loving.”

Miss Karen   

Miss Karen joined the Preschool Staff at Bayshore in 1991 as a 2 year old teacher.  She found her calling as a 3 year old teacher beginning in 1993 where she spent the next 20 years in the classroom.  She took on her current role of Resource Teacher in 2013.  Her organizational skills and knowledge of the weekly themes make her the perfect staff member to rotate out the teaching materials used in the classrooms each week.  When asked why she chose to teach preschool, her response was “because when my own children were preschool age, I found my joy and purpose.  The reason I’ve stayed so long is because of Mrs. Parker and the staff. We feel like a family.”

Miss Angie

Miss Angie originally joined the Preschool Staff at Bayshore in 1994 as our custodian.  Taking a leave of absence in 2000, we prayed daily for her return.  She rejoined us in 2007.  She is truly committed to her duties and treats the classrooms as if they were her home. When asked why she chose to return to Bayshore, her response was “I love the comradery and the respect that the staff has for each other. I really enjoy watching the children play.”