Our Classrooms

Each classroom at the preschool has been designed specifically for use by younger children, ages 2-4.  Special attention was given to the height appropriate sinks and small juvenile toilets.  Private changing tables located adjacent to the classrooms for those children who are not yet potty trained.  All of the classrooms have windows to allow for direct light.  With each classroom having direct access to the playground, the children spend more time learning and playing rather than walking down long hallways.

Below are photos of the classrooms that are used by the preschool.   The photos shown in the gallery are thumbnails.  If you click on a photo, the full size image  will appear.  You can then scroll thru the full size images or click on the triangle for a slideshow to begin.  When looking at the full size images, if you select the i under the image, then a description of the photo will be displayed.